Seriesly Talking – Suits Season 5 Episode 1-10 Recap

I can’t say this is my favorite Season ever, because every Season of Suits is a bomb, but I better give credit where credit is due, and that is that Season 5 is the most intense Season of Suits for me. Although we have to wait until next year for the last five episodes.

As we all know, it has been a rollercoaster ride for Harvey Specter. We saw the most vulnerable side of him, which I expect to see but I’m not ready to find out, yet they showed it anyway. Let us use bullets to recap what happened to The best closer New York City has ever seen:

  • He lost Donna, like for real. I didn’t foresee this myself, and just like Harv, I cannot move on. Will never move on. Not to mention that she chose to work for Harvey’s long-time rival Louis. Why Donna? Sad face.
  • I’ve mentioned Harvey’s vulnerable side. Well, by that, I meant him having panic attacks and having to see a therapist which is vulnerability for someone like The Harvey Specter.
  • That very emotional scene on the last part of Episode 4 when Harvey stops by at Donna’s office area to thank her for the twelve years she spent with him.
  • Jack Soloff. He wants Harvey to go down, and he did everything to make it happen. Even used Louis and Mike to do it.
  • Let’s not forget that Harvey slept with, ehem, Louis’ sister Esther which of course led to more conflict between Harvey and Louis. Remember when Louis confronted Harvey about it and said some hurtful things about Harvey that made him punch Louis in the face and throw him onto the glass table? Yeah, well I won’t forget that either. It almost cost Harvey’s career and Jessica’s too.
  • Speaking of Jessica, who else here got so emotional when Harvey came just in time to save Jessica’s ass before she gets voted out a s a Managing Partner of the firm. Harvey spoke about loyalty and being a family and I don’t know why but I think Harvey is far different from the guy who doesn’t like showing attachments anymore.

Roller coaster, right? I don’t know if this is a duo thing, but Mike had the same awful journey this Season. It’s Mike’s turn for a bullet recap.

  • Mike and Rachel are so excited, giddy and more in love than ever after his proposal.
  • First engagement conflict? Parents. I mean prenup agreement. Robert Zane wants Mike to sign a prenup which made Rachel furious and disagreed right away.
  • As his future son-in-law, Mike wanted to prove himself to Robert Zane by making him his co-counsel on one insurance case. They had the chance to bond, and also had arguments because Robert wants to do it his way most of the time. But Mike eventually proved himself to Robert.
  • Mike being a fraud is becoming more of a conflict than just being cool. Especially when Jack Soloff nominated him for a junior partner promotion after they worked together on one case as insisted by Jessica to Mike. The nomination caused Jessica to force Mike to decline the offer so they can avoid any attention this will bring to Mike.
  • Jessica eventually approved Mike’s nomination and hand him his first case. Mike decided to make Rachel his associate on this case. But the conflict began when Mike found out that the opposing attorney is Claire, the girl he was with before, and the one he lied to about going to a law school. With that being said, Claire knows his secret. That’s why he had to leave Rachel and made her come up with an excuse for him.
  • In the end, Claire figured it all out even after Rachel lied about Mike. Rachel begged Claire not to tell anyone about Mike because they are already engaged and she tried to convince Claire that Mike is nothing but a changed man.
  • Mike went to see Claire after he figured out that she already knew and that she’s just letting it go. He asked her why she won’t tell. Claire told him it’s because she saw how much Rachel loves him, but advised him not to marry Rachel if he really loves her.
  • Mike invited Trevor to his wedding day but he refused to attend. Trevor seemed to have changed already, and told Mike he should quit being a lawyer because he’s breaking the law everyday.
  • In the last episode, we saw a flashback of Mike’s childhood and cool hair too. LOL He went to see Father Walker, and he confessed about being a fraud. Father Walker already knew about it because of Trevor. He tried to talk to Mike about it and convinced him to do the right thing. After they argued and talk, Mike finally decided to quit being a lawyer. He then went back to the City and gave Harvey his resignation right away. Harvey didn’t try to talk him out of it like he used to.
  • Just when Mike was about to leave the firm with Rachel, two police officers arrived and arrested him for fraud. To tell you honestly, I didn’t see that one coming too. Cries.

After ten episodes, I can say that I did enjoyed this Season but I cried a lot and got heartburn most of the time. Let’s wait and see how many tears will fall and heart will break next year on the final half of Suits Season 5.


Seriesly Talking – Suits S05E01

After seeing the first episode of the Season 5, I knew sooner or later, I’m gonna have to share my feelings about it. There were good moments and bad, but one thing is for sure, it made me know Harvey Specter better, and made me love all the characters even more.

Good moments are very brief. It is when they gave us a glimpse of the post-engagement moments of Mike and Rachel. It’s so delightful to see them happy. Their cutie-sweetie moments were really quick.  We can forgive them though, because they gave us an almost-full-episode of Harvey.

Although this is the most vulnerable of Harvey, as far as we all have seen, I know you’ll agree when I say, we enjoyed (painfully) every second of it. My reaction to when I saw him talking to a shrink is WHAT?! THE HARVEY SPECTER? The tough, arrogant, resilient, overbearing Harvey Specter? Who got pride bigger than his… office? His struggle is my struggle. So I cried seeing him like that.

The scenes that really struck me was when he is walking pass by Donna’s former desk and he can’t help but look at it everytime, as if to say he misses her and the banters. And the scene where he wants to throw up and then really throws up. And yep, the scene that really broke my heart.


I just hope Thursday would come faster, so we can all know what happens next to Pearson Specter Litt.

To wrap it all up, I just feel a little proud thinking that the person who sends Harvey to a shrink is Donna. Well done girl!


Reasons why I love Harvey Specter

On Thursday (Wednesday night in US), one of my favorite TV series will be back on air. SUITS.

I can’t remember how I knew about this show, but it was love at first episode. Besides the fact the I want to be a lawyer, this show definitely won my heart by charisma and wit. It’s the kind of show that has the perfect characters and superb casting. it’s a love-hate kind. The storylines (sometimes) will make you hate them but the casts make it so hard not to fall in love with them. Even Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman), impulsive and naive at times. The easiest thing to do is hate him, but jeez I love those facial expressions and rants when things doesn’t go his way.

But of course, Harvey Specter. I love him. I MEAN REALLY. Who wouldn’t? But Harvey is not the type of person that will charm you all the time. But when he does, mind you, he needs something from you. So why is it that we all love Mr. Specter despite being an ass?

  • Harvey is a gorgeous man. No debate. The reason why he can easily persuade women with his charisma (But not all the time. And not all women). But still.


  • He is THE best closer New York City has ever seen.


  • He is the most arrogant, reasonably arrogant lawyer I could ever imagine.


  • A very articulate man like Harvey, will intimidate you. Don’t ever think about arguing with him. You may be right, but he’ll make you wrong.


  • He DOESN’T like being lied to.


  • Well who will forget his Yearbook statement “Loyalty is a two-way street. If I’m asking for it from you, then you’re getting it from me.” And he stays true to his word.

giphy (7)

  • Harvey-Donna chemistry is just so natural. Well, given the fact that Gabriel Macht (Harvey) and Sarah Rafferty (Donna) have been friends for more than ten years already, but it’s something so real that I honestly think they should end up together. They are both happily married in real life but I still root for their love team. They might go separate ways next Season but I know they’ll always patch things up


  • He makes me forget what is breathing when he smiles this way


  • …and when he’s mad like this


  • His face when he has to admit he can’t always win


  • But once he realized he can always win no matter what


You know I cannot give you all the reasons why I love Harvey Specter, don’t you? It’s best you just watch and see it yourself. Harvey has all the attitude that either I have or I wish I have in me. He’s arrogant, but he’s a brilliant lawyer. He doesn’t like caring or showing emotions because he’s too afraid people might use it against him. But he cannot hide the truth that he cares for Donna, Mike, Jessica, Louis and the firm.

Giving you some more Harvey-Donna moments. My favorite part of every episode.

You’re welcome.






Valar Morghulis – Jon Snow’s death S05E10

I don’t usually watch an episode of Game of Thrones right away, but I must admit it’s the hardest thing. I mean considering the trending topics on Twitter or spoiler photos from Instagram. Yet I still managed not to watch every Monday. But then last week, when I saw a photo on Instagram saying someone died or something, I don’t remember the exact words but I was really shocked and I was like “Here we go again Mr. Martin!” Being a big fan, and I know you would agree if you watch it religiously, I know that Episode 9 of every Season are always the bomb. Either someone dies or you almost die for the last 30 minutes. Let us recall those episodes:

  • Season 1 – Ned Stark’s death. 1000000000000% hate rate for Joffrey.
  • Season 2 – The war between Stannis and the Lannisters. Where at some point we thought Tyrion died and Cersei will kill her son and herself because she thought they were already defeated.
  • Season 3 – Who would forget The Red Wedding? Where we lost two Starks in one episode alone.
  • Season 4 – Well.. Ygritte died in the arms of Jon Snow. Who actually knows nothing.
  • Season 5 – Ugh, I’m still not over the fighting season in Daznak’s Pit. I was literally not moving and, almost, not breathing for the last twenty minutes where Khaleesi ended up leaving all of them and ordered Drogon, for the fist time, to fly while she was in his back.

So… I had the reason not to be worried. Because this is a calm after the storm episode. Until I saw that post that someone dies.

giphy (3)

giphy (2)

I was distressed and were literally praying while setting up the laptop. I was praying it’s not a character I love or let’s say, please no Stark death this time.

giphy (5)

It’s an extreme mental suffering knowing that someone dies and Jon Snow is trending on Twitter. I was really anxious and I know it sounds insane, but aren’t we all? And I was in denial but I know it’s possible.

Okay, last ten minutes and Jon is still alive.

But when I saw that “traitor” sign, I knew. It’s Jon Snow this time.

giphy (1)

When they started stabbing them, I was still shocked and tears, man, tears.

giphy (6)

I was out of words, and I just thought “I am still grieving from the death of Derek Shepherd (Grey’s Anatomy) and George RR Martin or Shonda Rhimes cannot possibly do this to me or all of us! Why make us love one of your characters and kill him off?”

I don’t know the answer. But God, I love Game of Thrones. So I’ll probably forgive Mr. Martin (but still hoping someone will bring Jon Snow back to life)

Sending y’all a virtual hug so we can all continue living our lives after this catastrophe.

But I still cry. And if he’s not coming back next season…

giphy (4)

Very Opinionated Person

Well. This is like my sixth or seventh created blog site which I hope I will, finally, use for actually writing. So you see, I’ve attempted so many times to blog, but I guess it’s harder than I thought. I’m also thinking maybe it’s because I don’t have anything good or cool to write about.

But, literally two hours ago, I thought I found my reason to write. Let me briefly tell you how I got here. I like to read. Well, technically I love to buy books more than I love to read. But I like to read. Though I am not the bookworm type who just reads everyday and really make time for it. I’m the type who finishes a book after a month. But John Green happened. I don’t pretend to be a nerdfighter because I am not. But he has this excruciating way of exciting the crap out of me.

The first book I’ve read from John Green was The Fault in Our Stars. And God, I liked it. I don’t want to sound morbid, but I like deaths. I don’t know why or how but I like the idea of a protagonist dying and not having his happily ever after. Because then I’d know it’s real. Because death is real.

Then, Paper Towns. I would be lying if I tell you it’s not about Cara Delevingne. You won’t blame me, will you? Well, I was hooked with this one. I like the mystery side and the not-knowing of Margo’s whereabouts. And also, there comes the possible death, so.

Looking for Alaska. God. I. Love. Everything. About. This. Book. I liked the thrill of what’s Before and After. It was a rollercoaster experience. TFIOS mad me cry. Paper Towns made me laugh. But this one, I came out insane.

And so I came out with this blog. Why? Because I needed to say how I feel and my thoughts and my stance. I want to talk about this to anyone, but no one’s available. And so I thought, “hey why not make a new (nth) blog about the books I’m reading since I am a very opinionated person (which can be the cause of my death) and like tackling about books I read and movies I watch.

So I guess it’s a good idea. If not, nevermind, you won’t see me writing again.